Tuesday, June 25, 2013


  When I was getting ready for a trip to NYC, I tried to thin down my art supplies to the smallest amount that could still give me lots of art fun.

I discovered that I can take a Stabilo MarksAll black pencil ( the numbers on the side are 8046) and one of the little brushes that you fill the barrel with water and I am good to go.

Here are a few quick sketches done with these supplies. 
I used sketchbook paper, very lightweight , but still it stood up to the water that was needed to make the Stabilo reactivate in a watery fashion. Would be even better on watercolor paper. 

I had a few colored pencils for added color pop. Prismacolor pencils, my favorite.
Perfect amount of small supplies for an airplane or a trip to the park. 

Time to get back to the blog...not a peep out of me since the intial set up .
 I have been busy with my pencils, paintbrushes and camera .
 Lots to share and talk about  . Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.